Corporate Childcare

This is especially ideal for parents with young children who aren’t quite comfortable leaving them at home just yet.

We don’t just offer in-home care for families. We take care of baby sitting for corporate events. This type of care provides real benefits to your business, as it allows parents to relax knowing their children are being well looked after by qualified educators who have a real passion for teaching and caring for young children.

Corporate Events Childcare

We provide nannying services for company functions, conventions, exhibitions dinners, Christmas parties and any event where you would like families to be able to attend without worry or distraction.


Childcare can be provided individually, or in a creche-style environment in a nearby room or space. We bring along all the toys, games and activities to keep younger guests at an event entertained, allowing your attendees to focus on what’s being discussed, or have fun and enjoy themselves. Ultimately, we help you run a more successful event!

Company Sponsored Childcare

Become an Employer of Choice by providing childcare for your staff. You will attract and retain your best employees by providing better work-life balance and a family-friendly work environment.


Kidsclub Australia can facilitate your company’s childcare program, enabling companies to reduce workforce costs and time lost through employees taking personal leave. Your company will also benefit from happier employees and greater productivity.

We also offer corporate childcare for functions, dinners, workplace events, wineries, etc.

We can supply multiple educators to look after your children while you enjoy your event, but still get that piece of mind that they are happy and being well cared for.

We can also provide care out of your hotel room! Our Educator will meet you at your hotel and take the ‘night shift’ while you enjoy a night out.

This is especially ideal for parents with young children who aren’t quite comfortable leaving them at home just yet. This option of care is becoming more and more popular for organisations.

In the interest of providing the best quality care for your children, we keep our ratios at 1 Educator per 4 children. This is to ensure each child can be adequately cared for and supervised at all times. It also allows us, as Educators to provide engaging experiences for your children throughout the time they are in our care.

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