Our Founders

Kate Sumsion

From a young age Kate knew she had a love for small children. Whether it was helping change her little brother’s nappy, or insisting on pushing the pram of her new cousin. She found that kids would always be drawn to her somehow. If you put Kate in a room full of kids, within 10 minutes they would be all over her.


Kate pursued her passion after high school when she started working as a Nanny. At just 18 years old she was doing what she loved for a family that welcomed her into their lives. From there, Kate nannied for some other families and formed special bonds with each and every child. She has continued with the same family for almost 6 years now. And has watched their children grow and also become an integral part of their lives, attending school concerts and birthday parties every year.


As her time drew to an end with the family, Kate was at a cross roads with where to go next in her career. The family recognised her passion for caring for their children and potential to make a career out of it. It was from here that together they created Kids Club Australia.


Kate is extremely passionate about making a difference in children’s lives. She believes that the bond you can form with a child is the most special feeling in the world, and to become a part of a family that you care for is just so special.


Now at 24 years old Kate is driven and focused on providing an exceptional service that families can reply on and trust. Kids Club Australia has been formed by a love of caring for children and realising the needs of families.

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